Revising Ageing, not Just Rebranding

YS Applying the Right Euphemism

Anti-ageing has always been the coolest kid on the block, helping us believe that we are only one cleanser, moisturiser or toner away from warding off those tell-tale signs of ageing. In fact, saying anti-ageing has always been the coolest kid on the block might even be a bit misleading, as anti-ageing has always been the only kid on the block.. until now.

As with all industries, trends will come and go, one day you’re hot and the next day you’re not. This being said, anti-ageing has by no means been side lined, but has been joined by age inclusive, for older skin, pro-age, age defying, age perfect and various other beauty bywords, making the proverbial block slightly bigger and a whole lot more confusing.

These new beauty bywords have emerged, as the skincare industry seeks to change the narrative when it comes to ageing.  The status quo is shifting as consumers have become more holistic in their approach to skincare. Essentially these bywords have no impact on the product, but encourages consumers to change the way they think about ageing.

As a player in the competitive skincare market, it is essential that Yungskin stays relevant and stays on top these trends. We subscribe to establishing a positive narrative around the concept of ageing, but prefer to avoid using these new beauty bywords as a euphemism for “anti-ageing”. We aim to build a community that embraces the ageing process, as it is a natural and well deserved part of life.

When it comes to skincare products, consumers have always asked “Am I applying the right cleanser, moisturiser or toner?”, but now they will be asking “Am I applying the right Euphemism?” As with anti-ageing, this might just be the new trend, but Yungskin hopes to help revise the concept of ageing, not just rebrand “anti-ageing”.

We aren’t anti-ageing, age inclusive, for older skin, pro-age, age defying, age perfect or any other beauty byword, we are for you. We are for those people who want healthy looking skin at every age, knowing full well that further down the line this will involve a few well deserved creases, and that is completely okay.

We embrace every stage of the natural ageing process, as we  look forward to helping our tribe to look and feel their absolute best.