Q. I understand that the cream is the carrier for the infused energies and has a certain shelf life from date of manufacture but what is the ‘shelf life’ of the energies?

During the development of Yungskin, Dr Sherwin commissioned special ‘Quantum’ Equipment which enables him to keep the energies active for the duration of the existence of the cream in the jar.

Q. Will things like airport Xrays and cell phone radiation etc affect the energies in the cream?

No, these energies are on a different wave length to those energies and in any case these energies are re-activated on a regular basis.

Q. How is it possible that these energies can be infused into a cream?

The ‘infusion’ is based on the Homoeopathic principle of water being able to retain messages…please refer to ‘Messages from Water’ by Dr Emoto…it is the water content of the cream that holds these messages and once the cream is applied to the skin these messages are able to stimulate certain Acupuncture points etc

Q. Doesn’t this sound ‘hocus pocus’?

Well Homoeopathy has been around for nearly 300 years, and has stood the test of time and even Dr Deepak Chopra has written books on Quantum energies and vibrations, also Dr Masaru Emoto from Japan has done extensive research on the effect of energy on water with fascinating results,
Ref: Masaru Emoto

Q. What can I expect after applying the cream?

People can experience different results. For example some feel a tightening, others a tingling, others a redness and slight burning sensation (this is nothing to be concerned about and will disappear after a short time, as it is just the circulation being stimulated). Some people may not experience any of the above sensations but the energies are still working.

Q. I notice that two of your supplements both contain Sodium Bicarbonate viz: ‘Alkaline Plus’ and ‘pH Forte Plus’ and knowing that this mineral is absolutely amazing for alkalizing the body, please explain as to how I should choose between them?

It’s a good question The Alkaline Plus contains 1gr (1000mg) of Sodium Bicarbonate per tablet whereas the Forte only contains 250mg per tablet. So although both supplements are indicated for alkalizing the body (the Forte also containing Potassium Bicarbonate, Calcium Carbonate and Magnesium Carbonate), for those people who need extra Sodium Bicarbonate due to more serious acidity problems, Dr Sherwin suggests using both supplements together. However, for those who just want to stay alkaline (to look and feel younger etc) then the supplement of choice would be pH Forte Plus.