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Revitalising Dull Skin

Revitalising a Dull Skin

Are you looking for solutions to dull-looking skin which is so prevalent during the cold winter months? And has lockdown stress affected your complexion? We’ve identified practical solutions to these dilemmas to help you restore radiant –looking skin. 5 Causes of dull skin and practical

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Show your skin some love

        Valentine’s Day Skin Care The month of Love Valentine’s Day is almost here and love is in the air.  Now is the perfect time to get started on your skin care routine to make sure that you will look your absolute

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Oh no!  Acne!?

UNDERSTANDING ACNE ACCORDING TO TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE {And ways to treat it} Acne is an inflammatory skin condition that mostly occurs during teenage years but can continue into adulthood. Did you know that acne is the eighth most common skin disease worldwide? There is also

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Defeat Dryness this Winter with Yungskin

Winter finally arrived in South Africa with a bang and the best place to be is cuddled up before the fireplace, woolly socks and a cup of hot cocoa! But with Winter expect an onslaught on your skin that will make you wish you took

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To Tone Or Not To Tone?!

So many times, I would ask my clients to explain their skincare routine to me and I am shocked to find out how few people actually uses a toner. And then I ask them why they are not using a toners, most of the time

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Simplified Skincare

Your morning and evening skincare routine can become quite a process if you have ‘zillions’ of products as part of your daily regime.  It’s OK if you really have nothing better to do with your time, however, most of us want to take the hassle out of skincare, right? We want it quick, easy, simple and get great results!

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