To Tone Or Not To Tone?!

To Tone Or Not To Tone?!

So many times, I would ask my clients to explain their skincare routine to me and I am shocked to find out how few people actually uses a toner. And then I ask them why they are not using a toners, most of the time they will say that they don’t really know what the purpose of toner is, unlike a face wash that cleans the skin and a moisturiser that moisturise the face.

Well, toners are just as important as any other product in your skincare routine!

Toners has a lot of functions to help keep your skin youthful looking and radiant.

  1. Washing your face alone does not always get rid off all the dirt, make-up and impurities.  By using a toner, you can ensure your skin is squeaky clean.
  2.  When you wash your face, you normally wash it with warm water.  The heat will open your pores for the face wash to deeply penetrate the pore to clean it.  Toner helps to close and contract the pores.  If you don’t close your pores it becomes a gateway for free radicles and impurities to enter the skin and to cause things like breakouts, blackheads and premature ageing.
  3. Majority of facial cleaners has an alkaline pH, where the ideal skin pH should be around 5.5.  This is where toners play such an important role.  Toners rectify the skin’s pH to a slightly acidic which is necessary for healthy glowing skin and to fight of nasty bacteria and germs.
  4. Other benefits of toners are that they heal the skin, especially with acne prone skin, they hydrate and condition the skin, it calms irritated skin and provide an extra barrier against anti-oxidants.

Toner do’s and don’ts!

  • Avoid alcohol-based toners at all cost.  They will dry out the skin and will irritate sensitive skins.
  • Don’t get confused between a toner and an astringent. Although astringent can be used on acne-prone skin, the long-term use of it will cause skin irritability and the overproduction of sebum.
  • Avoid toners with high amounts of Salicylic Acid.  This ingredient can play havoc on your skin’s pH and will cause redness, tightness, itchiness and stinging.  High concentrations of Salicylic Acid will cause dryness and even mild chemical burns.
  • Rather skip the synthetic fragrances and stick with the real thing.  Synthetic fragrances can cause skin allergies and even headaches.

Yungskin Toner with a difference…

The Yungskin Toner contains natural vitamins and extracts to penetrate the skin and into the lymphatic system to increase cellular exchange and regeneration.  The toning properties helps to close the pores to reduce the penetration of oxidants that cause premature ageing.  It also helps to neutralize the skin’s pH and gentle conditions and hydrate the skin.  The Yungskin Toner can be used on all skin types and will not leave the skin feeling overly tight or dry.

The natural geranium oil will not only keep the skin and muscle of the face firm and prevent sagging due to a loss of elasticity but will also effectively treat acne, dermatitis and other skin conditions.  Grapefruit extract is a natural antioxidant rich in vitamin C that will help to balance sebum production and contains natural anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties.

Simplified Skincare

Simplified Skincare

Your morning and evening skincare routine can become quite a process if you have ‘zillions’ of products as part of your daily regime.  It’s OK if you really have nothing better to do with your time, however, most of us want to take the hassle out of skincare, right? We want it quick, easy, simple and get great results!

This is exactly what Yungskin™ offers you.  A skincare range as easy as 1 – 2 – 3, making your skincare routine fun again.

In most skincare ranges there are so many products to choose from one often has no idea where to start – we’re confronted with multiple options, creams for this, lotions for that and so the list goes on and on and on. And then you still need to consider your budget……….

Yungskin™ has literally rolled out a skincare range in a few easy steps to leave you with the skin you have always aspired to.  All our products are infused with the quantum energy to revitalise your skin and assist with skin regeneration.  Based on our Acupuncture principles, Yungskin™ will have a lifting and firming effect on the skin giving you a nourished, radiant and youthful appearance.

So here goes our easy step-by-step skincare regime:

Step 1 – Wash
Pump as small amount of Yungskin™ Face Wash on your hands and work up a lather.  Gently apply to the skin in circular motions to remove dirt and impurities.  The natural ingredients of grapefruit and geranium oil with deeply cleanse your skin without drying it out whilst preventing the loss of elasticity.

Step 2 – Exfoliate
Exfoliating your skin needs to be done 2 – 3 times per week.  Squeeze a small amount of the exfoliator onto your damp hands and massage the face, neck and décolleté area in small circular movements.  The finest grade apricot kernels in the Yungskin™ Exfoliator are rich in anti-oxidants to increase cellular regeneration. 

Step 3 – Tone
Spray directly onto the skin or apply with a cotton round, the Yungskin™ Toner will close the pores to reduce the penetration of free radicals which cause premature ageing.  The toner also refreshes and hydrates the skin.

Step 4 – Feed
Another unique Yungskin™ product is our oral supplement that feeds, nourishes and rejuvenates the skin from within.  The Skin Food assists in combating the negative effect of stress on the skin and helps to calm the nervous system.  10 drops on the tongue or in a bit of water is all it takes! (Yungskin™ Food is not available in Edgars stores, online only)

Step 5 – Moisturise
Our Yungskin™ Creams and Tissue Oil will hydrate the skin, enhance brightness, increase youthful elasticity and firmness.  Gently massage a small amount of cream to the face, neck and décolleté area to deeply nourish and hydrate the skin.

Step 6 – Sun Care
Lastly, to finish off your easy skincare routine is to apply a small amount to the face, neck and décolleté area.  Our Sun Care SPF 40 is approved by CANSA and will protect your skin from harmful UV rays (which, by the way, you can also find indoors!) 

A lengthy skincare routine with various serums, lotions and potions is not always the answer – think quality over quantity.

If you have any questions, join our Skincare Specialist, Anzelle Johnson-Brand, online for a complimentary skincare consultation.  Anzelle is also an Acupuncturist specialising in Facial Enhancement Acupuncture and had heaps of tips and advice to ensure you love the skin you’re in.

Setting the Right Tone: Don’t Get Mad, Get Even

Setting the Right Tone: Don’t Get Mad, Get Even

YS Don’t Get Mad, Get Even

Have you ever wondered if your skin is overworked and underappreciated? I am sure you haven’t and I am sure it is. Contrary to popular belief, the skin serves far more important functions than just making us look good.

Our skin doesn’t clock in for your average nine to five work day, it is permanently working on the functions of protection, regulation and sensation. Without a certain level of appreciation for our skin, this kind of work ethic is bound to result in some unwanted effects.

Regardless of your age, race or sex, there is a possibility that you may struggle with an uneven skin tone. Exposure to sunlight, environmental pollutants, hormonal changes and stress are the main causes of an uneven skin tone and unfortunately one or all of these are on the cards for us at some point.

In order to help assist with uneven skin tone and in the pursuit of a flawless skin, we have recently added YungskinTM Even Skin Tone to our range of products. The product contains an EU-approved ‘lightening agent’ and UV filters which help treat pigmentation associated with age spots, freckles and brown spots as well as prevent additional sun damage.

Whitonyl is the natural powerhouse ingredient in this product, obtained from the red algae, Palmaria palmate. The anti-pigmenting properties, limit melanogenesis, limit the transport of melanosomes and limit photo-induced pigmentation helping achieve an even skin tone.

The YungskinTM Even Skin Tone is a must have product to help fight the signs of photo-ageing resulting in a flawless, brighter skin tone.

As prevention is always better than cure, we encourage all to be religious when it comes to sun care. Repeated exposure to the harsh UV light from the sun is one of the main causes of uneven skin tone. The daily use of a sun care product in addition to even skin tone is a sure-fire way to achieve your even skin tone goals.

At Yungskin we say, “Don’t get mad, get Even”. So head to our online shop to learn more about our products and start your journey to a flawless skin tone.

Applying the Right Euphemism? The Conversation is Changing

Applying the Right Euphemism? The Conversation is Changing

Revising Ageing, not Just Rebranding

YS Applying the Right Euphemism

Anti-ageing has always been the coolest kid on the block, helping us believe that we are only one cleanser, moisturiser or toner away from warding off those tell-tale signs of ageing. In fact, saying anti-ageing has always been the coolest kid on the block might even be a bit misleading, as anti-ageing has always been the only kid on the block.. until now.

Let’s talk about beauty bywords…

As with all industries, trends will come and go, one day you’re hot and the next day you’re not. This being said, anti-ageing has by no means been side lined, but has been joined by age inclusive, for older skin, pro-age, age defying, age perfect and various other beauty bywords, making the proverbial block slightly bigger and a whole lot more confusing.

These new beauty bywords have emerged, as the skincare industry seeks to change the narrative when it comes to ageing.  The status quo is shifting as consumers have become more holistic in their approach to skincare. Essentially these bywords have no impact on the product, but encourages consumers to change the way they think about ageing.

As a player in the competitive skincare market, it is essential that Yungskin stays relevant and stays on top these trends. We subscribe to establishing a positive narrative around the concept of ageing, but prefer to avoid using these new beauty bywords as a euphemism for “anti-ageing”. We aim to build a community that embraces the ageing process, as it is a natural and well deserved part of life.

Yungskin hopes to help revise the concept of ageing, not just rebrand “anti-ageing”.

When it comes to skincare products, consumers have always asked “Am I applying the right cleanser, moisturiser or toner?”, but now they will be asking “Am I applying the right Euphemism?” As with anti-ageing, this might just be the new trend, but Yungskin hopes to help revise the concept of ageing, not just rebrand “anti-ageing”.

We aren’t anti-ageing, age inclusive, for older skin, pro-age, age defying, age perfect or any other beauty byword, we are for you. We’re for those people who want healthy looking skin at every age, knowing full well that further down the line this will involve a few well deserved creases, and that is completely okay.

Embrace every stage of the natural ageing process, as we look forward to helping our tribe to look and feel their absolute best.

Insight: Yungskin Goes Under the Knife

Insight: Yungskin Goes Under the Knife

Re-Awakening the Senses

yungskin brand surgery

YS Under the Knife Brand Surgery

Having been in the highly competitive skincare industry for a while now, it is fair to say we have developed a few fine lines and wrinkles. Choosing to stay true to our approach of energy infused skincare, Yungskin has embarked on infusing new energy into the brand. Resulting in a much needed facelift.

The research and development that has gone into Yungskin has spanned over 20 years. Culminating in a product that utilises the finest natural ingredients, in product formulation and content. Finally landing on a product range of the highest quality and integrity. The Yungskin team decided a brand facelift was needed to showcase the passion and commitment that often lurks in the shadows.

As skincare specialists and advocates for positive age management. It is our vision that the new look and feel of the Yungskin brand will coincide with the natural vitality and youthfulness. Our consumers can expect the same when using our products.

Throughout the Yungskin journey we have seen many a beauty fad come and go. Our steadfast commitment to honest, ethical skincare, that champion’s excellent customer service, has resulted in our growing success.

The new look and feel of Yungskin promises to enhance your overall experience. We envisage a Yungskin where every user would be a proud ambassador.

At Yungskin we believe that your age is your business, but how you look and feel is ours. This sentiment drives us towards continuous improvement in product development and enhancement as we grow our Yungskin tribe.

In the same way skincare is a daily commitment, the Yungskin facelift will be a continual process. As we strive to remain as energetic, rejuvenated and youthful as our Yungskin community.

We are excited to share the next phase of the Yungskin story with you, you don’t want to miss this!

The Forever Brand: A Tribute to Dr. Phil Sherwin

The Forever Brand: A Tribute to Dr. Phil Sherwin

It was with great sadness that we had to say farewell to Dr Sherwin who passed recently after a short illness.

He was a great inspiring force with a positive attitude towards life and holistic living in the true sense of the word. Many can attest to his exceptional healing abilities and angle towards treating disease and physical discomfort.

Yungskin Skincare Products Cape Town

A great mentor, friend, colleague and healer, he is sorely missed. The weekly hikes in Kirstenbosch and Newlands Forest and the regular motorbike rides just won’t ever be the same without our beloved Doccie.

Fortunately, he promised to watch over Yungskin’s progress from up there and yes, your presence is felt everyday Phil – thank you for everything doc, your legacy will be honoured through Yungskin’s continued growth, development and success. Rest in peace my friend.