Jump back into your healthy daily skincare routine after the


– Jump back into your healthy daily skincare routine after the holidays –

The minute you return home after your summer holiday your skin starts to peel, your longed-for tan begins to look worse for wear and not even the best after-sun care can cope with the fallout. The truth is that every suntan is sun damage. Add that to the dehydrating effects of daily swimming in salt and chlorinated water, the skin-tightening dry air of an airplane cabin or air-conditioning in the car after long hours of traveling, and you have yourself a ‘derma-disaster-zone’.

Now is a good time to restore your skin to its former glory.

1. Dry skin
Dry skin is quite common after a long holiday and over-indulgences. The first thing you need to do is start drinking water to hydrate your skin from within. You can also add lemon.

2. Dull skin
Yes, you can get dull skin even after the most amazing time outdoors. Hydrate your skin from within by drinking water and don’t forget to exfoliate to scrub away dull and dead skin cells.

3. Spots or acne
Drink detox water to detoxify the body and give way to clear and radiant skin. Also try green tea which is a great detoxifying agent. Steam your face to remove gunk and bacteria from pores.

4. Reduce redness and inflammation
Eat anti-inflammatory foods like walnuts, broccoli and yogurt to improve the overall appearance of your skin.

7. Restore the sparkle in your eyes
Place 2 cotton rounds with Yungskin™ Toner on your eyes which will help with under-eye bags, dark circles and dullness in your eyes. Lack of sleep is a big contributor to panda-eyes.


1. Yungskin™ Exfoliator helps remove to all dead skin cells while nourishing the skin with natural oils. The apricot seed powder contained in the product leaves you with a brighter complexion and soft, smooth refreshed skin.

2. Follow up with the Yungskin™ Purifying Mask to draw out toxins, fight holiday breakouts and achieve flawless complexion. Or repair any possible damage and rehydrate with our Yungskin™ Hydrating Face Mask.

3. Lock in moisture with Yungskin™ Even Skin Tone to care for sun damage, pigmentation, brown spots and discoloration.

4. Always apply Yungskin™ Sun Care SPF40 which has been approved by CANSA

Yungskin™ is suitable for all skin types.

Order online at www.yungskin.com; via [email protected]; from a Yungskin™ Agent near you or at selected Edgars stores. For more info and assistance please contact Zelanie via our website or e-mail us at [email protected]

Wishing you and your loved ones Happy New Year.


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