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30ml dripper bottle

Yungskin food is a pH alkaline liquid which has been infused Homoeopathically with the energies to feed and rejuvenate the skin from within.

For best results in skin rejuvenation and in obtaining youthful, glowing skin, it is recommended to take Yungskin Food in conjunction with the application of any of the Yungskin cream products.



Direction For Use

10 drops in a little water morning and evening in conjunction with the application of any of the Yungskin creams.


1. Minerals

Silica: Prevents mal-absorption of food. Reduces wrinkles and improves the skin’s luster (hair and nails too!). Reduces itchiness and prematurely aged and dry skin including ‘liver spots’
Magnesium Phosphate: Reduces itchiness and is a muscle relaxant and skin nutrient
Calcium Fluoride: Improves elasticity, flexibility, tone and strength of connective tissue (skin) and eliminates cracks.
Potassium Sulphate: Helps to oxygenate and cleanse the cells of the skin. Help to clear eczema. Is a skin rejuvenator and clears liver/age spots and freckles. Keep the skin supple and youthful. Good to counteract itchiness.
Sodium Phosphate: The great alkalizer

2. Stress Essence
Containing the essences of the following flowers:
Comfrey: For nervous depletion, irritability, emotional tension, panic attacks, nervous breakdowns – calms and balances the nervous system, restoring vitality and releasing tension from the solar plexus, bringing tranquility and serenity
Dune Calendula: Mid-life crisis, divorce, or times of change when one feels alone.
Dandelion: Stress, tension, over striving, tension stored in muscles, grief. Brings inner peace and tranquility and cleanses the emotional body.
Lavender: Hysteria, panic, over-excitement, insomnia – calms and soothes
Pelargonium: Feeling isolated, lonely, cut off from others? Eases the pain, brings a sense of oneness, peace and joy. It can also assist one to attract meaningful relationships.
Sweet Pea: For pressure in family and business life when one’s sanity feels threatened by the continuous activity surrounding one.
Orange Pincushion: Fear, shock, panic, terror – assists in grounding and centering, bringing courage, tranquility and peace.
Sweet Chestnut: Helps to lift feelings of dejection, when one feels one has reached the limit. Gives hope and a sensation of not being alone anymore.
Larch: Assist in providing one with self confidence, feeling good about oneself and engendering self-love.

3. Trace Minerals
Also added to Yungskin Food are trace minerals which help conduct and generate the body’s entire electrical system. One will have more energy and generally feel better.

Yungskin Food contents preserved with Hydrogen Peroxide.
All the above energies have been selected to help calm one and bring a youthful glow to the skin.