Yungskin™ Starter Kit/Travel Bag


Yungskin™ Starter Kit/Travel Bag contains travel sizes of our Yungskin products.


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Yungskin™ Starter Kit/Travel Bag

This is the perfect start to your Yungskin journey.  Our Starter Kit/Travel Bag has travel sizes of our Yungskin range – the best way to try all our products and get a beautiful recycled travel bag as well!

The Bag contains:

1 x Face Wash 50ml. 1 x Toner 30ml. 1 x Exfoliator 20ml, 1 x Tissue Oil 10ml, 1 x Day Cream 20ml, 1 x Night cream 20ml, 1 x Even Skin Tone 20ml, 1 x Suncare SPF40 20ml, 1 x Purifying Face Mask 10ml, 1 x Hydrating Face Mask 10ml, 1 x Face Cloth

A proudly South African manufactured product.

The Story of our Travel Bags –


Our bags are made in South Africa, out of end of campaign PVC billboards that would normally go into a landfill site & take 500+ years to biodegrade. The team at E’Yako Green worked together to produce our unique bag.

They cut the waste PVC first using a pattern for the bag and then cleaned each piece using as little water as possible. Hessian was glued to the PVC and then the make up of the bag with sewing and handwork began.

We hope you enjoy our bag that has contributed to caring for our environment and given meaningful work to the talented team who made them at E’Yako Green.


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