Revitalising Dull Skin

Revitalising a Dull Skin

Are you looking for solutions to dull-looking skin which is so prevalent during the cold winter months? And has lockdown stress affected your complexion? We’ve identified practical solutions to these dilemmas to help you restore radiant –looking skin.

5 Causes of dull skin and practical quick fix solutions

1. Sun Damage
Don’t think you can put away the sunscreen because it’s winter season. It is vitally important to guard your skin against harmful UV rays that are present all year-round and even filter through dark cloud coverage to reach your skin.

Do this: Applying a broad spectrum sun care product on your face and neck significantly reduces your risk of winter sun damage and protects against free radicals and artificial lights in the office environment

Tip: Yungskin SPF40 will moisturise, protect and repair. To repair existing sun damage, exfoliate and hydrate your skin regularly.

2. Not Exfoliating enough
Dead skin cells dull your complexion and under-exfoliation means that your skin care products aren’t penetrating your skin effectively.

Do this: By exfoliating regularly you uncover brighter, softer skin. Let exfoliation become a regular part of your skin care routine

Tip: For best results, exfoliate with Yungskin mild facial scrub Exfoliator 2-3 times a week for fresh and healthy – looking skin

3. Poor Hydration
Proper hydration brings life to dull skin – drinking enough water and applying a rich bodied moisturiser will make a huge difference. An important element of hydration is sealing moisture into the skin, harsh cleansers strip your skin of oils needed for sealing in moisture and washing your skin with too hot water affects hydration levels.

Do this: Drink plenty of water, apply a rich-bodied moisturiser morning and evening and apply a hydrating face mask at least once per week. And wash your face with tepid/luke-warm water

Tip: Yungskin Night Face Cream and Hydrating Face Mask are designed to deeply moisturise and regenerate the skin

4. Unhealthy Diet
An unhealthy diet full of sugar and fried/greasy foods is rife in free radicals. ‘You are what you eat’ and a poor, unbalanced diet will result in dull skin. Too much sugar is also known to break down collagen and elastin in the skin

Do this: Replace unhealthy food options with skin healthy foods that feature lower saturated fats and high fiber. Cut down on additional sugar intake.

Tip: Do this gradually – a slow and steady transition tends to be more sustainable for long-term change.

5. Lack of Sleep
Your body repairs itself while you sleep – so does your skin which forms new collagen and boosts blood flow when asleep. Too little sleep prevents your skin enough time to rejuvenate or to soak up your evening (moisturising) products.

Do this: Set up a consistent sleep schedule that fits your rhythm and gives you 7-8 hours sleep per night.

Tip: Try go to bed at the same time each night to make up the required hours of sleep to ensure radiant skin in the morning.

So in a nutshell – revitalizing dull skin takes a mixture of SPF protection, exfoliation, hydration healthy food and sufficient sleep. Following these steps will result in rosy cheeks and brighter complexion.


New Eye Serum

Following ongoing requests, we are excited to finally introduce the new Yungskin Eye Serum (10ml)

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The Eye Serum will assist to:
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