Setting the Right Tone: Don’t Get Mad, Get Even

YS Don’t Get Mad, Get Even

Have you ever wondered if your skin is overworked and underappreciated? I am sure you haven’t and I am sure it is. Contrary to popular belief, the skin serves far more important functions than just making us look good.

Our skin doesn’t clock in for your average nine to five work day, it is permanently working on the functions of protection, regulation and sensation. Without a certain level of appreciation for our skin, this kind of work ethic is bound to result in some unwanted effects.

Regardless of your age, race or sex, there is a possibility that you may struggle with an uneven skin tone. Exposure to sunlight, environmental pollutants, hormonal changes and stress are the main causes of an uneven skin tone and unfortunately one or all of these are on the cards for us at some point.

In order to help assist with uneven skin tone and in the pursuit of a flawless skin, we have recently added YungskinTM Even Skin Tone to our range of products. The product contains an EU-approved ‘lightening agent’ and UV filters which help treat pigmentation associated with age spots, freckles and brown spots as well as prevent additional sun damage.

Whitonyl is the natural powerhouse ingredient in this product, obtained from the red algae, Palmaria palmate. The anti-pigmenting properties, limit melanogenesis, limit the transport of melanosomes and limit photo-induced pigmentation helping achieve an even skin tone.

The YungskinTM Even Skin Tone is a must have product to help fight the signs of photo-ageing resulting in a flawless, brighter skin tone.

As prevention is always better than cure, we encourage all to be religious when it comes to sun care. Repeated exposure to the harsh UV light from the sun is one of the main causes of uneven skin tone. The daily use of a sun care product in addition to even skin tone is a sure-fire way to achieve your even skin tone goals.

At Yungskin we say, “Don’t get mad, get Even”. So head to our online shop to learn more about our products and start your journey to a flawless skin tone.


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