The products are WONDERFUL.  My skin is soft, clearer, and gently glows… I feel like the menopause has paused

Cheryl Ziervogel

Reflexologist, Wynberg, Cape Town

After a single application of Yungskin night cream I woke up to an unbelievably velvety and smooth skin the next morning

Enda Olivier

South Korea

I like the texture of the new cream – nicely refined and smooth

Belinda Willems


I absolutely LOVE the new face wash and toner. My skin feels silky smooth with no dryness that you get from other face washes. The toner feels lovely on my skin and when I finish off with the Yungskin face cream, I feel and am told that I look truly rejuvenated and refreshed



I am so thrilled with the Yungskin Neck and Face Creams – my face and neck have been revitalized and the improvements in my neck and decolletage have been quite amazing. People keep commenting as to how good I am looking. I am definitely a Yungskin ‘addict’!


Sea Point, Cape Town

About 2 weeks ago I heard about this beautiful product from Yungskin – Energy Science for enhanced beauty. I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Phillip Sherwin who explained to me how this product came about and how it rejuvenates and restores the skin.As a Reiki Master and Energy healer myself I understood immediately the principles of this product. 63 years old I am, like the sun and unfortunately smoking too (my excuse is to ground myself) I started using the Yungskin Face Cream Light and the Yungskin Food and not even 2 weeks later I got comments from my friends and clients, how radiant my skin looks and obviously questions what I have been doing. How can it get even better. I do a lot of gardening and as I get older have the odd pains in joints and muscles, using the Magnesium Oil-Plus is easing the pain. I use it now before I do something strenuous and prevent the usual aches and pains before they even start. I also use the Yungskin Foot Balm, Reflexology in a jar. Every morning I massage just lightly this cream into the soles of my feet – I have to say my feet feel fresh, the normal dryness of ‘winter feet’ is gone. Through the light massage I activate the reflexology points and an overall good feeling is the result. I am looking forward to try the rest of the products including the Supplement Range and have heard that the new Earth Food Plus shows astonishing results. In Love & Light


Fourways, Johannesburg

This is one of the best products I have ever used. My skin reacts badly to most if not all products. For the first time I can see results. My skin is looking smoother and the pore size has become much smaller.


Koppies, Free State

In my search for an affordable skincare product I came across Yungskin and have been been using the face cream and Food since Sept 2013. After 3 months I noticed that my skin blemishes started to fade and pores reduced in size. It is truly liberating not having to apply base to hide my ‘skin imperfection’ any longer. My skin looks and feels soft, glowing and vibrant. I’ve also started using Yungskin Eye Cream and after short while noticed a marked improvement in the dark circles and fine lines around my eye area. Not many people believe that I am already 43 years of age! I may add that in addition to using Yungskin skincare products, following an alkaline-based diet and sufficient sleep certainly adds to my youthful appearance. I most definitely recommend Yungskin!


Odendaalsrus, Free State

Since using Yungskin I have definitely noticed a clearer skin complexion and often have comments like what have I done to make myself look better, younger?!!. (I am 60 this year). I like the texture of the Yungskin face cream and the tingle it gives my skin after application. I am really very happy to have found this product.


Hout Bay

I started using Yungskin products only 3 months ago. The skin under my eyes were extremely dry and wrinkly. Within 3 days of using only the Light” cream I could already see a difference. My skin started glowing and the cream obviously started hydrating my skin. I started using the Yungskin Food with the Light cream and my skin’s texture and appearance improved even more. About a month ago I decided to use the Light cream as my daily application and the Rich cream for over-night “beauty” application. My one friend, who did not see me for 2 months, noticed the visible difference and asked me whether I was using something for my pigmentation which is far less visible than before (in summer my pigmentation looks worse than normal). I wish that more people will take the leap and try this exciting product – even if it is just for a week or two! I saw a difference straight away and at age 41 think that I still look younger than most women my age! JUST TRY IT OUT LADIES!!!


Kanonberg, Bellville

I recently lost a lot of weight which resulted in an increase in facial lines. When I started using Yungskin I was impressed with the improvement, after about 3 months there was a visible difference in tone and texture. In addition to the effective results, the cream is easy to apply and leaves my skin feeling soft & silky and supple. My daughter started using the eye cream and now cannot wait to buy the face cream as well. We have always been strong advocates of using natural skin products, and find Yungskin to yield amazing results with no harmful chemicals, parabens or sulfates being added. Thanks for a great product.


Cape Town

I have been using the face cream cream for over a month now and pleased to say that I am very happy with the results. I have also informed other people about Yungskin, and hope that they too will reap the benefits from using this product


Centurion, Pretoria

I have been using the eye-cream and the face cream and I can really feel and see the difference. I can honestly say that the lines on my fore-head and eyes are not so deep anymore. My skin is so soft and my make-up goes on so smoothly. You have a new customer and I have been sharing this with my friends and colleagues. The cream is amazing, I have used many products over the years and never used one with such quick results.


Kempton Park

I was recently introduced to an awesome Face, Neck & Eye cream by Dr. Phillip Sherwin called “Yungskin”. Seeing that I had been treated by him for many years I jumped at the offer and made my first purchase of an ‘beauty treatment’. After applying the treatment on the first night my skin became warm and very red……I became afraid that I had done the wrong thing but WOW when I woke up the next morning I was absolutely amazed by how great my skin looked …..around my eyes the skin looked brighter and less lined and my face had a fabulous glow. I am the happiest person that I made that first purchase of “Yungskin” – I am sold on it for life………..Thank you Dr. Sherwin for a great Face, Neck & Eye Cream it really gives you a “Yungskin” I have recommended it to many of my friends and they are just as happy as I am.


West Beach, Blouberg, Cape Town

Being an outdoor person exposed to the sun and elements regularly, I was very excited to learn about Yungskin cream addressing the facial acupuncture points. On application of the cream I actually feel the energies at work! Yungskin has become part of my daily routine – thank you Dr Sherwin for introducing a product that actually works and which would hopefully change peoples’ misconception about benefits of acupuncture and energy


Panorama, Cape Town

I have finished a tub Yungskin Rich and I really feel as if my wrinkles are plumping up , and I have also received many compliments recently about how good I look! My skin feels beautifully soft and I am hoping that eventually the wrinkles will be gone


Northmead, Johannesburg

I am LOVING the Yungskin cream. It keeps my face feeling moist and glowing all day. I have repeatedly told Dr Phil how excited I am with my results and love passing this on to my friends. I wish you continued success.



I have been using the cream for about three weeks and have seen a marked improvement in my skin. I am 54 years old and was starting to get three deep creases across my neck, which have absolutely disappeared. The wrinkles on my forehead, between my brows and around my mouth have become shallower and seem to be smoothing out. Thank you.


Sea Point

As a pharmacist I am a firm believer that “you are what you eat ” and sadly western medicine usually plugs a problem and sometimes may even cause another. My skin responded to the Yungskin cream within a week with visible difference. I have a sensitive skin which has reacted to many well known brands resulting in breakouts that have left scarring. Yungskin addressed both the issue of breakouts as well as sufficiently hydrating my skin resulting in a visible reduction in ageing. In the past the usual nourishing face creams have been too rich for my skin and when I used the lighter face creams these were not moisturising enough. Best of all though, the product is well priced and one jar lasts three months ! Thank you for this wonderful product. It is truly a gift for me as I have spared no expense in trying to balance my skin over the years. This is the first time in my life that I can say I am satisfied with my skin and the results.



My girlfriend introduced me to Yungskin. At first I was a bit skeptical but she had been using it for a couple of weeks and her skin was looking great, so I decided to give it a try. I was astounded! Initially I thought I may be having a reaction because it made my face tingle and go red, but within a few days of applying it every night, I could visibly see the difference. My skin felt great and people were commenting on how young I was looking. I’m now a believer!


Camps Bay

My skin has NEVER felt and looked better since using Yungskin for only two weeks.. I just love the product. Every client that I have given a sample to has commented as to how they love the smell and velvety texture (without my having to prompt them). Who knows, Dr Phil might just be the one who breaks down the barriers for the ultimate skin care product


Cape Town

I have been well looked after by Doctor Sherwin for several years now and since using his wonderful face cream I actually look 8 years younger too. I apply the cream daily and even the fine lines around my mouth have melted away. I don’t ever want to use anything else.


Oranjezicht, Cape Town

For the first time in my life I have ‘discovered’ a cosmetic that REALLY works! Thank you Yungskin and Dr Sherwin’.


Fresnaye, Cape Town

Wow this product is so exciting. I have been using expensive cosmetics for years but this is really the first time that I’ve experienced a genuine improvement in my skin tone, and only after a few applications. I can feel the tingling and tightening effect after each application.


Sea Point, Cape Town

I can’t believe it….I thought that this was just another marketing ploy but this definitely works. I can see an improvement in some of my “lines” and only after a week. I also love the smell and the fact that it’s made with love.


Bantry Bay, Cape Town