Uneven Skin Tone? New natural-based even skin tone cream

We are pleased to officially introduce Yungskin™ EVEN SKIN TONE facial cream as a new addition to our skin care range!

Even skin tone products

Yungskin’s Even Skin Tone Cream

Presented in a 50ml glass jar, Yungskin™ EVEN SKIN TONE was designed to assist in obtaining a flawless skin tone, offering the following benefits:

  • Helps to reduce amount of melanin in the skin.
  • Reduces appearance of freckles, age spots, acne scars, dark spots, blemishes, sun damage, hyper-pigmentation and discolouring due to hormones.
  • Contains anti-ageing actives.
  • Rejuvenated skin tone.

What sets our product apart from the rest?

The key ingredient that sets our new product apart from other even skin tone products is the EU-approved agent called Whitonyl.

Whitonyl is naturally obtained from a type of red aquatic algae that grows on seashore rocks.

Yungskin™ EVEN SKIN TONE also contains UV Filters to prevent sun damage, moisturizing actives (for anti-ageing) and collagen building properties.

Application of Yungskin™ EVEN SKIN TONE gives the skin a luminous and ultra-refined complexion – suitable for all skin types.

For best results, Yungskin™ EVEN SKIN TONE should be used in conjunction with Yungskin™ Sun Care SPF40 – as a combination these 2 products will ensure maximum effect in obtaining stated benefits above, AND also to prevent skin discolouration and typical effects experienced from over-exposure to the sun. However, it is always important to avoid direct exposure to sunlight for extended periods!

Please note:

Yungskin™ Even Skin Tone should not be used in conjunction with either Yungskin™ FACE CREAM DAY or Yungskin™ FACE CREAM NIGHT at the same time. For best results it is suggested to apply as follows:

    • Morning: Wash – Tone – Even Skin Tone – Sun Care SPF40 – Food
    • Evening: Wash – Tone – Day/Night Face Cream – Food

Yungskin Special Offer

Until the 9th March 2018, Yungskin is running a special offer for EFT orders only.

  • Even Skin Tone Cream (50ml) @ R310 (normal price R345)
  • Combo: Even Skin Tone (50ml) + Sun Care SPF40 (100ml) @ R475 (price R525)
    *And only pay R50 courier fee to any of the above orders.

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