Insight: Yungskin Goes Under the Knife

Re-Awakening the Senses

Having been in the highly competitive skincare industry for a while now, it is fair to say we have developed a few fine lines and wrinkles. Choosing to stay true to our approach of energy infused skincare, Yungskin has embarked on infusing new energy into the brand. Resulting in a much needed facelift.

The research and development that has gone into Yungskin has spanned over 20 years. Culminating in a product that utilises the finest natural ingredients, in product formulation and content. Finally landing on a product range of the highest quality and integrity. The Yungskin team decided a brand facelift was needed to showcase the passion and commitment that often lurks in the shadows.

As skincare specialists and advocates for positive age management. It is our vision that the new look and feel of the Yungskin brand will coincide with the natural vitality and youthfulness. Our consumers can expect the same when using our products.

Throughout the Yungskin journey we have seen many a beauty fad come and go. Our steadfast commitment to honest, ethical skincare, that champion’s excellent customer service, has resulted in our growing success.

The new look and feel of Yungskin promises to enhance your overall experience. We envisage a Yungskin where every user would be a proud ambassador.

At Yungskin we believe that your age is your business, but how you look and feel is ours. This sentiment drives us towards continuous improvement in product development and enhancement as we grow our Yungskin tribe.

In the same way skincare is a daily commitment, the Yungskin facelift will be a continual process. As we strive to remain as energetic, rejuvenated and youthful as our Yungskin community.

We are excited to share the next phase of the Yungskin story with you, you don’t want to miss this!

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