Introducing Yungskin Natural-Based Skin Care Products

Yungskin is a natural-based skin care range designed to manage and maintain a healthy and vibrant-looking complexion.

Unique to the skin care industry, Yungskin is the first and only brand to base their products on the principles of Homeopathy and Acupuncture.

The range comprises products that are energized using quantum energy science and cellular stimulation principles through a process known as Radionics, to offer exceptional age management solutions.

Yungskin Skin Care Products

What makes us different from other skin care products?

Yungskin products are unique because they stimulate targeted Acupuncture face-lifting points on the face, eyes and neck.

The products are infused and energized using a high-tech quantum imprinting process to stimulate the Acupuncture points at a deep cellular level.

When applied correctly, the skin’s natural vitality and radiance is regenerated, fine lines and wrinkles are significantly reduced and the skin takes on a more youthful appearance.

Dr Philip Sherwin

The brand was created and developed by renowned Cape Town-based Homeopath, Acupuncturist, Naturopath and Reflexologist, Dr Philip Sherwin. Whilst observing acupuncture face lift procedures, Dr Sherwin worked on developing a non-invasive procedure that would yield the same results without the use of needles. Yungskin is the result of years of research and experimentation in this field.

Yungskin products are designed to help restore the skin’s vitality, delay and reduce the visible signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles, and rejuvenate and regenerate skin cells for a more youthful appearance.

In conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, the application of these products results in the same effect as the traditional Acupuncture face lifting technique, but without the discomfort and needles.

Though products play a major role in the health and appearance of the skin, it is important to take various lifestyle factors into account to ensure the health of your skin.

Yungskin believes in a holistic approach to skincare. A healthy diet, active lifestyle and a positive mind-set all play a significant role in how the skin ages. To get the most from your Yungskin products, regular exercise and a healthy diet filled with fresh foods and plenty of fruit and vegetables is recommended.

Yungskin skin care products were designed to complement one another, and to achieve the best results, the five-step approach is recommended: Wash – Tone – Moisturise – Feed – Sunscreen.

Anti-Ageing Cream & Facial Products

We made a conscious decision some time ago to distance ourselves from the popular notion of being an ‘anti-ageing’ skin care range – we are not anti-ageing as ageing is a natural process we should all embrace. How we manage the ageing process however, is what we are all about. To age gracefully (to use a cliché) is what we support, and by that we mean reflecting a well-maintained, ‘glowing’ presentation (skin, attitude etc), healthy lifestyle and positive mind-set!

At Yungskin we subscribe to a simple philosophy, i.e. if a person follows a good skin care regime from an early age, you will maintain healthy-looking and vibrant skin tone with a youthful glow throughout the ageing process.

Our 5-step approach of Wash, Tone, Moisturise (Day and Night), Feed, Sun screen, indeed assists many happy customers to attain- and maintain this goal.

Yungskin – Animal Cruelty-Free Skin Care Products

Yungskin products are of natural content – all EU cosmetics-approved – and contain no harmful chemicals. All products are manufactured by an ISO – 22716 certified facility in Cape Town, conforming to the highest international standards of Good Manufacturing Practice and Quality Control. We are a cruelty free brand. Absolutely no testing was done on animals, nor does any product contain animal-derived content. We subscribe to an animal cruelty-free environment.

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